Dylan Findley’s “i2i”

Dylan Findley‘s 2021 Latter-day Saints Commission, “i2i” will be performed by saxophonist Nathan Mensink and trombonist Russ Zokaites @1:30 EDT on July 15, 2021 during the [...]

Kyle Shaw’s “Tamboo”

Kyle Shaw’s 2020 Barlow Latter-day Saints Commission “Tamboo,” performed by percussionist, Daniel Edwards will be premiered as part of the SEAMUS Digital Conference and live [...]

Bekah Simms’ “metamold”

2020 Barlow Prize Winner Bekah Simms’ metamold, will be premiered by Crash Ensemble and live streamed by the New Music Dublin Festival on Sunday, April 25, 2021, at 1:00pm MDT. Click here [...]