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The Pulitzer Prizes


Four Barlow Commissioned Pieces Recognized by the Pulitzer Prizes

Over the years, many composers who were commissioned by the Barlow Endowment have either won a Pulitzer Prize or have been Pulitzer Prize finalists.

Four of the afore-mentioned composers received recognition from the Pulitzer Prizes with the same piece that the Barlow Endowment commissioned. Pulitzer prize winners include Melinda Wagner in 1999 for Concerto for Flute, Strings and Percussion which premiered in 1997. Pulitzer Prize finalists include Harold Meltzer in 2009 for his piece Brion, which premiered in 2008; Stephen Hartke in 2008 for his piece Meanwhile, which premiered in 2007, and Joan Tower in 1993 for Concerto for Violin, which premiered in 1992.

Below is a complete least of all other Barlow commission recipients who have either won a Pulitzer Prize, or were considered as a finalist.

2012Kevin PutsSilent Night: Opera in 2 acts
2011Zhou LongSnake
2005Steven StuckySecond Concerto for Orchestra
2004Paul MoravecTempest Fantasy
1999Melinda WagnerConcerto for Flute, Strings and Percussion*
*1997 Barlow Endowment Commission
1998Aaron KernisString Quartet #2 (musica instrumentalis)
1994Gunther SchullerOf Reminiscences and Reflections
1993Christopher RouseTrombone Concerto
1988William Bolcom12 New Etudes for Piano
1987John HarbisonThe Flight Into Egypt
1984Bernard Rands“Canti del Sole” for Tenor and Orchestra
1979Joseph SchwantnerAftertones of Infinity
1978Michael ColgrassDeja Vu for Percussion Quartet and Orchestra
1975Dominick ArgentoFrom the Diary of Virginia Woolf
1971Mario DavidovskySynchronisms No. 6 for Piano and Electronic Sound
1970Charles WuorinenTime’s Encomium
2018Ted HearneSound from the Bench
2013Aaron KernisPieces of Winter Sky
2012Andrew NormanThe Companion Guide to Rome
2011Zohn-Muldoon RicardoComala
2009Harold MeltzerBrion*
*Brion was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment in 2004 and made its premiere in 2008. 
2008Stephen HartkeMeanwhile** 
**Meanwhile was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment in 2004 and made its premiere in 2007.
2007Augusta Read ThomasAstral Canticle
2006Chen YiSi Ji (Four Seasons)
2002David RakowskiTen of a Kind (Symphony No.2)
2001Stephen HartkeTituli
1999David RakowskiPersistent Memory
1999Steven StuckyConcerto for Orchestra
1994Aaron KernisStill Movement with Hymn
1994Charles WuorinenMicrosymphony
1993Joan TowerConcerto for Violin***
***Concerto for Violin was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment in 1988 and made its premiere in 1992.
1988Gunther SchullerConcerto For String Quartet and Orchestra
1985William BolcomSongs of Innocence and Experience
1980Lukas FossQuintets for Orchestra